OFM - 5(1)

PART II - Subsection 5.(1)

FPPA Opinions & Applications

Subsection 5.(1) Fire Departments


"A fire department shall provide fire suppression services and may provide other fire protection services in a municipality, group of municipalities or in territory without municipal organization."


To clarify the differences between a formal fire department and a community fire safety officer or team.



Why can't a community fire safety team provide fire suppression services?


The FPPA permits municipalities in which it is impractical to provide suppression services to meet their responsibilities under the FPPA by appointing a fire safety team to provide public education and fire prevention services.

If a municipality wants to provide fire suppression services then a fire department must be established. This will help to limit fire department and municipal liability by ensuring that a proper enabling by-law is established and will ensure that proper suppression equipment and training are provided to the fire department. (See Q5 in Subsection 2.(1))


If there is no community fire safety officer/team in a municipality, can fire safety education and the other required fire prevention components be provided by any person(s)? 


Every community must have either a community fire safety officer/team or a fire department.
Options exist for the municipality to contract for these services from the private sector, or from another municipality.


Can fire suppression be provided by someone other than a municipal fire department?


Yes. Although only a fire department may provide fire suppression services, there are several alternative delivery arrangements available for a municipality to choose from, aside from having its own municipal fire department. It may:

  • share a fire department with another municipality
  • purchase suppression services from another municipality or unorganized community;
  • receive initial or supplemental response for suppression as described by an Automatic Aid Agreement;
  • purchase suppression services from a private organization.