OFM - 4(1)

PART II - Subsection 4.(1)

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Subsection 4.(1) Community Fire Safety Team


"A community fire safety officer or a community fire safety team appointed in a municipality or in a group of municipalities shall provide the program established under clause 2.(1)(a) in the municipality or in the group of municipalities, as the case may be."


Procedural requirement associated with the establishment of the community fire safety officer/team concept.




Does this mean that the community fire safety officer/team must conduct inspections and basic fire evaluations, or may they contact the OFM to conduct these services?


Subsection 2.(1)(a) states that a municipality must establish a public education program with respect to fire safety and certain components of fire prevention. The details of these components are described in OFM guidelines which help to identify municipal risk and resources needed to mitigate the risk.
Where a municipality does not have the expertise to conduct inspections, for example, the OFM may provide assistance to enable municipalities to acquire the necessary resources and expertise.
Other options available to a municipality are to share such responsibilities with another or more municipalities (subsection 2.(4)); or to contract with another municipality for fire protection services (subsection 2.(5)(b)).