OFM - 3(2)

PART II - Subsection 3.(2)

FPPA Opinions & Applications

Subsection 3.(2)  Unorganized Communities


"An agreement referred to in subsection (1) may provide for,

1. the appointment of a community fire safety officer or a community fire safety team; or

2. the establishment of a fire department."


This enables unincorporated territories to meet the requirements of the legislation




What will be the impact on the Northern Fire Protection Program?


The FPPA makes it easier for unincorporated communities to initiate fire prevention programs by enabling members of community fire safety teams to be designated as assistants to the Fire Marshal.
The Fire Marshals Act had provision for fire protection teams to provide fire prevention and fire protection services in territories without municipal organization. The FPPA does not use the term "fire protection team". Instead, organizations which were formerly known as fire protection teams and which provide suppression services will be recognized as fire departments. In the legislation, fire departments are given specific powers which are now provided to the former fire protection teams as well.