OFM - 3(1)

PART II - Subsection 3.(1)

FPPA Opinions & Applications

Subsection 3.(1)  Unorganized Communities


""The Fire Marshal, a services board established to provide services in territory without municipal organization or a prescribed person or organization may enter into agreements to provide fire protection services in territory without municipal organization and to govern the provision of those services."


To facilitate the provision of fire protection services in unincorporated communities.




Can a private company provide fire protection services to an unincorporated community?


Yes. The services that will be provided will be governed by an agreement with the services board or prescribed person or organization which is responsible for providing services in the unincorporated community. Unless there is already an existing agreement with the Fire Marshal there is no need for the OFM to formally approve or be involved in the negotiation of a contract with a private company.
If the company will be providing inspection services then right of entry will be an issue. Some members of the company may need to be appointed as assistants to the Fire Marshal. (See sections 11 and 19).
If the company will be providing fire suppression services then it must be set up as a fire department.