OFM - 11(1)

PART III -  Subsection 11.(1)

FPPA Opinions & Applications

Subsection 11.(1) Assistants to the Fire Marshal


"The following persons are assistants to the Fire Marshal and shall follow the Fire Marshal's directions in carrying out this Act,

1. the fire chief of every fire department

2. the clerk of every municipality that does not have a fire department;

3. any member of a fire prevention bureau established by a municipality; and

4. every person designated by the Fire Marshal as an assistant to the Fire Marshal."


This ensures that every municipality will have an employee who is an assistant to the Fire Marshal. It also provides the Fire Marshal with the flexibility to designate other persons as assistants to the Fire Marshal. These measures are necessary to ensure that every municipality and every unorganized territory has the capacity to deliver fire prevention and fire safety education, as required by the Act.




What is a fire prevention bureau?


A fire prevention bureau is not a defined term in the FPPA, however, it has been a commonly used term in many fire departments to refer to the fire prevention department.
It is important that fire prevention staff be named as assistants to the Fire Marshal, for the purposes of sections 15 and 19 which describes the rights of entry for assistants to the fire marshal and inspectors.