Flashover™ The Fire Safety Video Game

Flashover™ The Fire Safety Video Game

By Veronica Cole - CEO & Co-Founder, Squabble Studios &
Andre Clafton – Fire Prevention Officer, Vaughan Fire & Rescue

Flashover™ The Fire Safety Video Game is a one-of-a-kind interactive and educational 3D video game created for public education targeted specifically at children ages 10 – 14. This innovative educational tool has been developed by Squabble Studios in collaboration with the fire safety and prevention professionals at Vaughan Fire and Rescue Service in Vaughan, ON. This is the first of its kind in North America, and the public launch of the game was released to coincide with Vaughan Fire Prevention Week, which ran from October 6 to October 13.

“This type of educational tool is an innovative way to reach young people and share important fire safety strategies in an engaging and informative way,” said Mayor Maurizio Bevilacqua. “Vaughan Fire and Rescue Service have always provided a high level of emergency service to our residents and I’m confident this new online application will contribute to making our community a safer place.”

The game features a fully interactive 3D environment, with highly realistic elements such as fire behaviour and smoke, as well as informative and standardized in-game feedback that is consistent with provincial and North American prevention messaging. Players can interact, take actions, and make decisions just as they would in real life, enabling them to explore various learning objectives safely in this gamified simulation-like environment.

“The main audience for this game is older children and young teenagers who may be at a stage in their lives when they are getting more responsibilities at home, such as babysitting and cooking, and may not know how to react properly in the event of a fire,” said fire Chief Larry Bentley. “We found it fitting to launch this initiative during Fire Prevention Week, which this year focuses on preventing kitchen and cooking fires.”

Flashover™ information can be found by visiting www.getflashover.ca, questions are welcomed and can be directed via email to the developers at info@getflashover.ca.

Stakeholders involved in launching the video game.

In the photo from the back row: (Left to Right) Councillor Tony Carella, Councillor Rosanna DeFrancesca, Councillor Sandra Yeung Racco, Regional Councillor Deb Schulte,  Regional Councillor Gino Rosati, Councillor Marilyn Iafrate & Shane Mintz.

Front Row: (Left to Right) Andre Clafton, Eric Rosendale, Ian McCabe, Fire Chief Larry Bentley, Aaron DeChamplain, Veronica Cole, Matthew Stephan, Mayor Maurizio Bevilacqua, Chief Fire Prevention Officer John Caruso, Denise Wallace & Mariano Perini from the Office of the Fire Marshal and Emergency Management.