Spring / Summer / Fall 2013 Reserve the Sprinkler Trailer Today!!

Spring / Summer / Fall 2013
Reserve the Sprinkler Trailer Today!!

Donated by the Canadian Automatic Sprinkler Association to the Office of the Fire Marshal, this unique educational sprinkler trailer is located at the Ontario Fire College (OFC) and is available to the Ontario Fire Service for training and educating the public on the benefits of residential fire sprinklers.

Participants safely watch the fire’s progression through plexi glass panels learning the benefits of early smoke detection and water sprinkler fire suppression. Testimonials include: “a very informative presentation”; “sprinklers be mandatory”; “good education for the single family home owner”; “interactive experience” and “you can’t put a price on your family’s safety”.

This is a terrific training tool for use at festivals, schools, home shows, fire prevention week, seminars and more.

Sprinkler trailer
Sprinkler trailer

A towing vehicle with electric brake connection is needed. When reserving the sprinkler trailer, please provide the date the sprinkler trailer will be picked up and date it will be returned to the OFC.

Further information or to reserve the sprinkler trailer please contact OFC Instructor Ken Benoit at Ken.Benoit@ontario.ca or 705-687-9670.