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User Guide

User Guide

Please be advised that Office of the Fire Marshal and Emergency Management Public Fire Safety Guidelines are currently under review but continue to be made available for reference purposes.

Public Fire Safety Guidelines

Subject Coding

PFSG User's Guide


User's Guide


September 2004





This manual is intended to be used as a convenient reference source of guidelines for use by municipal councils, municipal administrators, fire department managers and fire department members when developing appropriate fire protection programs for their communities.


  • Must and Shall These words appear in many guidelines since their inception in 1998. Although compliance with the Public Fire Safety Guidelines is not mandatory, those actions in the guidelines that state, must or shall need to be followed in order to demonstrate compliance with a guideline, once adopted
  • Best practices A technique or methodology that through experience and research has proven to reliably provide the desired result


  • The guidelines refer to both optional and mandatory codes, standards, regulations, models and best practices
  • Where issues contained in the guidelines are in conflict with an existing collective agreement provision, the contents of the collective agreement shall prevail
  • In those instances where application of the guidelines identifies circumstances, which impact on public fire safety and are affected by a collective agreement, the collective bargaining process should be used to remedy the situation

Finding Information:

  • The Index provides a listing by subject number and the title of all topics included in the manual.

Coding System:

Alpha Prefix

The 4-letter mnemonic prefix ("PFSG") denotes the manual name (Public Fire Safety Guidelines)

Numeric Code

The 6-digit code is made up of 3 sets of 2 digit numbers

Set 1 denotes major divisions/sections

Set 2 denotes subject

Set 3 denotes level, or combinations of levels

  • Level 01 is intended primarily for elected officials
  • Level 02 is intended primarily for appointed municipal and senior fire officials
  • Level 03 is intended primarily for persons who are implementing the guidelines
  • Level 12 is a combined level 01 and level 02 guideline
  • Level 13 is a combined level 01, 02 and 03 guideline
  • Level 23 is a combined level 02 and level 03 guideline

Page Numbering:

  • Pages are numbered within each SUBJECT division.
  • Subsequent pages are numbered consecutively.


From time to time the Office of the Fire Marshal will issue Amendment Notices announcing new and/or revised guidelines.

Amendment Notices will be consecutively numbered and provide filing instructions and a summary of each update as new/ revised guidelines are issued.

File each notice directly behind the Amendment Record, after recording the Amendment Notice date beside the corresponding pre-printed number on the Amendment Record. Update your manual as soon as each amendment is received to ensure your copy does not contain obsolete information.