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OFM - 04-50-12

Fire Safety Inspection Practices

Public Fire Safety Guidelines

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PFSG 04-50-12


Fire Prevention and Public Education


August 1998


Fire Safety Inspection Practices


Under Review


To describe the activities necessary to inspect buildings and enforce fire safety regulations.


  • Fire safety inspections are one of the key elements of effective fire prevention as required under Section 2.(1)(a) of the Fire Protection and Prevention Act.
  • The manner in which inspections are planned, conducted and followed up are termed inspection practices.
  • Inspection practices should be governed by appropriate program guidelines.

Purpose of Program Guidelines:

  • Policy should be established to set the levels of service and define the objectives of the selected inspection programs.
  • The program guidelines should define how the program will be delivered and the role and responsibilities of assigned persons in conducting the programs.
  • Program guidelines provide consistent direction for planning, delivering, reporting and evaluating programs.

Activities Governed By Guidelines:

The following activities should be governed by a community's inspection program guidelines:

  • conducting inspections (complaint, request, routine etc.)
  • addressing violations, including enforcement of legislation and by-laws
  • approvals by the Chief Fire Official (including fire safety plan review and approval and alternative fire safety measures)
  • permit process (if any)
  • reporting and record keeping
  • evaluation and planning of fire prevention programs

Policy Issues:

  • Program implementation and guidelines should be evaluated to ensure effective program delivery. Necessary revisions should be identified and implemented.
  • Any violations or hazards identified during inspections must be addressed and corrected. Prosecution may be necessary to achieve compliance.

Codes, Standards, and Best Practices:

Codes, Standards and Best Practices resources available to assist in establishing local policy on this assessment are listed below. All are available at . Please feel free to copy and distribute this document. We ask that the document not be altered in any way, that the Office of the Fire Marshal be credited and that the documents be used for non-commercial purposes only.

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