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OFM - 04-48-12

Liaison With Building Department

Public Fire Safety Guidelines

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PFSG 04-48-12


Fire Prevention and Public Education


August 1998


Liaison With Building Department


Under Review


To describe fire department interaction with the building department to ensure fire and life safety issues are addressed during new construction and renovation.

Service Delivery Implications:

Liaison With Building Department

  • Municipalities should ensure that construction (as defined by the Building Code Act) meets relevant fire and life safety requirements.
  • The Ontario Building Code (OBC) regulates fire and life safety in buildings under construction.
  • The Ontario Fire Code (OFC) regulates fire and life safety once the construction is finished or when partial occupancy is applied for.
  • To ensure fire and life safety in buildings the fire chief and the chief building official must co-operatively apply these complimentary codes.
  • A policy outlining the fire department's role under the Ontario Building Code should be developed. This agreement should include:
  • areas of responsibility such as fire alarm

systems, fire department access, etc.

  • activities such as plan review, site

inspections, etc.

  • It may be appropriate to appoint fire department personnel as building inspectors. This will depend on the formal agreement.

Related Functions and Considerations:

  • If necessary to satisfy the formal agreement, appoint by municipal by-law, fire department personnel as building inspectors
  • Council and/or municipal managers should ensure the details of the agreement are understood and followed by both parties.
  • Ensure that fire department personnel are adequately trained to carry out their duties as specified in the agreement.

Codes, Standards, and Best Practices:

Codes, Standards and Best Practices resources available to assist in establishing local policy on this assessment are listed below. All are available at . Please feel free to copy and distribute this document. We ask that the document not be altered in any way, that the Office of the Fire Marshal be credited and that the documents be used for non-commercial purposes only.

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