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OFM - 02-02-12

Fire Risk Assessment

Public Fire Safety Guidelines

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PFSG 02-02-12




January 1998


Fire Risk Assessment


Under Review

Fire Risk Assessment

  • All municipalities should analyze the what, where, who, why, and when questions about its fires, casualties and losses. Some of the elements to consider are as follows:
  • the type and nature of the local municipality
  • the building stock and occupancy types
  • fire prevention and public education programs
  • public and private fire protection systems
  • political resolve/commitment
  • historical analysis and comparisons
  • comparative analysis with others
  • special hazards
  • major rail lines/waterways


Assess data

Analytical judgement and an understanding of the local community are needed to meaningfully evaluate such data, and create an accurate picture of the community's fire risk.


To identify considerations when assessing municipal fire risk

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Analyzing Local Circumstances

  • Economic Circumstances
  • Assessment of Existing Fire Protection Services

Codes, Standards, and Best Practices

Codes, Standards, and Best Practices resources available to assist in establishing local policy on this assessment are listed below. All are available at Please feel free to copy and distribute this document. We ask that the document not be altered in any way, that the Office of the Fire Marshal be credited and that the documents be used for non-commercial purposes only.

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