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Pre-Service Firefighter Education and Training Program

Pre-Service Firefighter Program

The OFMEM, through AS&E, provides certification testing and evaluation to Colleges of Applied Art & Technology (CAATs) and registered Private Career Colleges (PCCs). A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is established between both parties to ensure the development and delivery of common standardized curriculum for prospective firefighters across Ontario.

This program is called the Pre-Service Firefighter Program, and has been defined as:

  1. NFPA 472 - Hazardous Materials Awareness (NFPA 1072 as of 2019)
  2. NFPA 472 - Hazardous Materials Operations (NFPA 1072 as of 2019)
  3. NFPA 1001, Level I – Fire Fighter, Level One
  4. NFPA 1001, Level II – Fire Fighter, Level Two

When a candidate has successfully completed all of the training requirements through the Pre-Service Firefighter Program, only then will he/she be eligible to complete OFMEM certification testing and evaluation for all pre-service firefighter courses.

Candidates have a maximum of three (3) attempts for each written test (knowledge), if a candidate is unsuccessful after three attempts additional training will be required. The candidate and the co-ordinator will work together to define additional training needs to assist with the certification test.

Candidates registered in the Pre-Service Firefighter Program should always contact their co-ordinator with regard to additional training,  testing and evaluation for certification.

Benefits of the Pre-Service Firefighter Program

The Pre-Service graduate:

  • Is better prepared and trained for the firefighter role; and
  • Possesses an advantage for the hiring process

The Pre-Service graduate receives:

  • A community college certificate upon successful completion of the program;
  • Standardized training from a recognized college program within the Ontario provincial educational system; and
  • General education credits transferable to other programs

Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology (CAATs)
Algonquin College
Cambrian College
Centennial College
Conestoga College
Confederation College
Durham College
Fanshawe College
Fleming College
Georgian College
Humber College
La Cite College
Lambton College
Loyalist College
Northern College
Seneca College
St. Clair College
St. Lawrence College

Registered Private Career Colleges (PCCs)
GTAA, Fire and Emergency Services Training Institute (FESTI)
Ontario Fire Academy (OFA)
Southwest Fire Academy
Laurentian University