Approved Fire Drill Scenario / Mandatory Inspection

Care Occupancies, Care and Treatment Occupancies, and Retirement Homes

Approved Fire Drill Scenario/Mandatory Inspection

The owner is required to conduct a fire drill to determine the adequacy of staffing levels for a scenario that has been approved by the Chief Fire Official (see Fire Code requirement in Item A). This drill is in addition to the fire drills required under  The scenario may be developed using Appendix E of TG-01-2013 Staffing Levels in Care Occupancies, Care and Treatment Occupancies and Retirement Homes. The owner is required to contact the Chief Fire Official to agree on the scenario. The owner and Chief Fire Official will also need to agree on the notification period for conducting the fire drill (See Fire Code requirement in Item B).

Once notified of the fire drill, the fire department will carry out the following duties as prescribed in O. Reg. 364/13:

  • Attend the site to observe the fire drill.  (See Fire Marshal Directive 2014-002)
  • Conduct an inspection.  (See “Inspection Checklist” in Fire Marshal Directive 2014-002) (PDF version available on request at AskOFM)
  • File a report with the Fire Marshal following the inspection.  (See Fire Marshal Directive 2014-001)  The report will contain the operating name, the address, the classification of the occupancy and the dates of the fire drill and inspection.  This becomes an entry in a Registry that will be maintained by the Fire Marshal.

Item A

O. Reg. 213/07, Division B In addition to the requirements of Sentence (1), in care occupancies, care and treatment occupancies and retirement homes, a fire drill shall be carried out at least once during each 12-month period for an approved scenario representing the lowest staffing level complement in the occupancy in order to confirm that the requirements of Sentence have been met.  There shall be sufficient supervisory staff available in care occupancies, care and treatment occupancies, detention occupancies and retirement homes to carry out the duties required in the fire safety plan.

Item B

O. Reg. 213/07, Division B  The Chief Fire Official shall be notified within an approved time period of every fire drill carried out under Sentence