Ministry of the
Solicitor General

Approved Fire Drill Scenario / Mandatory Inspection

Care Occupancies, Care and Treatment Occupancies, and Retirement Homes

Approved Fire Drill Scenario

Sentence of the Fire Code (O. Reg. 213/07) requires the  owner to conduct a fire drill at least once every each year to determine the adequacy of staffing levels for a scenario that has been approved by the Chief Fire Official. This drill is in addition to other fire drills required under Article  The owner is required to contact the Chief Fire Official to meet and agree on the scenario.

The procedure for developing the fire drill scenario is described in Annex A of Fire Marshal Directive 2014-002.

Additionally, Sentence requires the owner to notify the Chief Fire Official of the date of the drill within a time period previously approved by the Chief Fire Official.

Once notified of the scheduled fire drill, the fire department is required under O. Reg. 364/13 to attend the building to observe the fire drill.

Mandatory Inspection

Once notified of the scheduled fire drill referred to above, the fire department is required under O. Reg. 364/13 to do the following:

  • Conduct an inspection in accordance with the inspection checklist in Annex B of Fire Marshal Directive 2014-002 and,
  • File a report with the Fire Marshal following the inspection.  (See Fire Marshal Directive 2014-001)  The report consists of the operating name of the facility, the address, the classification of the occupancy and the dates of the fire drill and inspection.  This information is entered in a Registry that is maintained by the Fire Marshal.