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Cycling Death Review – Erratum Notice

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Following the publication of the Cycling Death Review Report, it has been brought to our attention that there was an error in one of the calculations with regards to age and helmet use.

The cycling report states that:

“Despite mandatory legislation, only 44% (7 of 16) of cyclists under the age of 18 who died were wearing a helmet.” (page 5)

“Of particular concern was that observation that, despite existing legislation, only 7 of 16 cyclists (44%) under the age of 18 who died were wearing a helmet.” (page 15)

“The rate of helmet use was very low; only 44% of children under the age of 18 and 26% of cyclists overall who were killed in a cycling collision were wearing a helmet.” (page 16)

“Only 44% of children who were killed as a result of cycling collisions were wearing helmets, despite legislation that mandates helmet use by every cyclist below the age of 18.” (page 21)

“Even among those under the age of 18, for whom helmet use is legally required under the Highway Traffic Act, only 44% wore a helmet.” (page 22)

In fact, of the deaths studied in the review, only one (1) of 16 cyclists under the age of 18 (6.25%) was wearing a helmet.

Our team has verified all other figures related to helmets and head injuries that appear in the report and found them to be accurate. The report was updated on July 13, 1012 to reflect the correct information concerning cyclists under the age of 18.

Please accept our apologies for this error.


Dan Cass, BSc, MD, FRCPC
Deputy Chief Coroner – Investigations
Chair - Cycling Death Review