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Corrections - Victim Support Line and Victim Notification System Policy

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Victim Support Line and Victim Notification System

The following information is a summary of Correctional Services’ policy on Ontario’s Victim Support Line and Victim Notification System.

The Victim Support Line (VSL) and Victim Notification System (VNS) provide support to victims of crime.

Victim Support Line

The VSL is a province-wide, toll free service of the Ministry of the Solicitor General, Ministry of the Attorney General and the Ontario Parole Board (OPB). It provides registered victims with specific information about adult offenders. The VSL is also available to concerned citizens and witnesses.

The toll free number for the VSL is 1-888-579-2888, or 416-314-2447 in the Toronto area.

Victim Notification System

The VNS is one of the services offered to victims who are registered with the VSL. The VNS is an automated telephone notification system that provides victims with information on offenders serving their sentences in provincial institutions, or on probation, parole or serving a conditional sentence. Notifications are made in changes of status and messages are delivered via the automated VNS when:

  • an offender has been admitted to or released from custody
  • an offender is unlawfully at large
  • a parole hearing date has been set
  • the OPB decides to deny Parole
  • the OPB decides to grant Parole
  • an offender is under unescorted temporary absence
  • a release decision has been rescinded
  • the unlikely event of an escape happens
  • an offender is readmitted to custody
  • an offender is transferred to another jurisdiction

Registrants receive automated voice messages by telephone (retrieved using a four-digit PIN established for that purpose) at the time of or prior to changes in status occurring.

The VNS also provides call block services for those receiving unwanted inmate telephone calls.