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Corrections - Human Rights Policy

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Community services - Human Rights Code

The following information is a summary of Correctional Services’ Human Rights Policy.

The Ministry of the Solicitor General is committed to serving a diverse client group in a manner that complies fully with the Ontario Human Rights Code. The ministry, through its employees, has a responsibility to treat every individual with courtesy, respect and without prejudice or discrimination.

In addition, all ministry employees have the right to work in an atmosphere free from discrimination or harassment.

Human rights policy

  • All ministry Community Services employees are personally responsible for acquainting themselves with the ministry’s Community Services Human Rights policy and for their conduct, which must be consistent with the policy, at all times.
  • Managers are responsible for promoting an understanding of, and adherence to, the Ontario Human Rights Code and all relevant policies. They are also obligated to ensure that all reported violations are addressed promptly and that appropriate corrective actions are taken.
  • In accordance with the Ontario Human Rights Code, all managers have a legal obligation to prevent or address harassment by any person under their administrative control against another individual.

Human rights awareness

  • The ministry promotes employee awareness of the benefits of Ontario’s racial, cultural, religious and ethnic diversity, the provision of human rights legislation, and adherence to the policies of the government and ministry.
  • The ministry ensures that all alleged human rights violations are addressed thoroughly, objectively and without delay. Where breaches have occurred, corrective action will be taken quickly, fairly and firmly.