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Ministry Settles Human Rights Complaint

The basis for the settlement was the ministry’s implementation of a new policy ensuring the accommodation and protection of trans inmates in provincial correctional facilities. In January 2015, the ministry announced the implementation of a comprehensive policy on the admission, classification and placement of transgender inmates. This policy was developed as a result of the addition of the grounds of gender identity and gender expression to the Ontario Human Rights Code, the release of the Ontario Human Rights Commission’s Policy on preventing discrimination because of gender identity and gender expression in April 2014, and issues being brought to its attention by individuals, such as Mr. Boyd Kodak, who have had direct experience as a trans person within a correctional institution. The new policy provides for the:

  • Integration of trans inmates with general population wherever possible
  • Placement according to inmate’s self-identified gender
  • Inmate input into an Intake/Plan of Care form on admission
  • Maximization of privacy
  • Access to personal items related to lived gender identity
  • Customized, job-specific, mandatory human rights training, including content specific to gender identity/ expression.

The policy was developed through extensive, province wide consultations with civil rights groups, law enforcement and correctional working groups, trans advocates, and community partners. Mr. Boyd Kodak provided valuable input during the policy development consultations and raised an important issue that had not previously been considered. Some of his input was incorporated into the policy and is acknowledged by the ministry.